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Stand to Protect Immigrant Victims of Violence

For Victims of Violence or Abuse, Nothing is More Important than Safety.

At Safe Horizon, we believe that a person’s immigration status should not be a barrier to their ability to seek help, obtain justice, and live a life free from violence.

As we enter 2017, recent statements and conversations around immigration have spurred New York’s local, and state agencies to speak up. They firmly restated their support of all peoples’ rights to have access to services that ensure their safety. 

These Services Include:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Emergency Health Care
  • Access to a Fair Criminal Justice System 

We are grateful to a wide array of public officials stating that New York City is a Sanctuary City, which means local law enforcement won’t engage in solely immigration enforcement activities. Victims of crime are able to seek assistance from city agencies and local law enforcement without fear of being reported to immigration authorities. We greatly value their ongoing commitment to ensuring that immigration status is not a barrier to receiving help. Take The Pledge

If you believe that everyone has the basic human right to live free from violence, please join us and
stand in solidarity with all victims of violence. 

Show your support - sign the pledge!


I strongly believe all people should be free to live their life free from violence and abuse and that any person affected by crime or violence should be able to come forward and seek help and justice, regardless of their national origin or immigration status. 

By signing this pledge and opting in to receive emails, you not only show your support, but will be kept informed of how you can help ensure all victims are able to get help.

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